OK, who did this?

ric pic

I view myself primarily as a visual and performing artist and small time capitalist. More or less. I run a solar power business with a particularly fine man who I've known since I was young and foolish. There are heaps of other things I do, most of which do not have urls, however my other main web presence is The FooDoo Lounge, where I share some of the results of my computer programming explorations.

My time here is blessed in so many ways, not the least of which is the wonderful souls with whom I share it. Apart from Martin, the core players in my life who are represented here are people such as Phil, Owen, Tim and Kerry. There are a few others who I haven't yet photographed and one in particular who I think is very special.

None of these pictures would exist if it weren't for my dear friend Bek, who, amongst so many other precious gifts, inspired me to finally pick up a camera again.

I have, in spite of all these gorgeous people, known one or two dark years along the way and I am profoundly thankful for what at times has been the primary source of light in my life - my daughter. None of this would be here if not for her either.